is born (and stuck) in 1994, Arch. Dipl. EPFL (2021).

Navigates between art, architecture, illustration, furniture and web design. Tries to be imaginative no matter the field.

Develops "Moratorium." as a personal approach since 2017, researching ways to conceive an architecture that solely develops within existing buildings.

Hands-on, always happy to leave the screen and hop into modification work.

Collects swatches and dvds, amongst other objects considered as obsolete today.


is born in 1995, Arch. Dipl. EPFL (2021).

Deeply invested in the social and theoretical aspects of architecture, always trying to materialize theories into meticulous models and drawings to bridge the gap between physical and mental production.

Especially interested in the way space constructs gender and identities.

Fascinated by Swiss post-modern design and mineral patterns.
Collector of shiny raincoats and other weird things like PEZ distributors and Harry Potter Legos.

Is educated in architecture, but active in all creative fields.
Uses what's already there, before adding what's needed.
Believes in powerful, yet modest gestures.
Prefers to modify, rather than to create.
Researches architecture's constructions.
Deconstructs norms and behaviors.
Narrates unforeseen stories.
Avoids aseptic genericity.
Interprets pop culture.
Works seriously with fun, and is funnily serious.
Prefers to imaginatively fail, rather than to boringly succeed.
Has an e-mail adress:
Is on instagram:
Is also a design gallery:
Palace Camping Haludovo
Krk, Croatia
Bastian Marzoli
Krk, Croatia
Bastian Marzoli

Palace Camping Haludovo is the project that sparkled Bastian's interest for the idea of the moratorium. The project proposes to transform the ruins of Palace Hotel Haludovo into a new kind of camping using three simple kinds of interventions. First, three insulated steel shacks are built, highlighting three points of interest on the site, introducing a new orthogonal system and providing a warm environment if needed (modern firecamp). Then, brick walls are diverting the visitor from the original paths while hiding sanitary facilities. Finally, the suspended panels are fragmenting the complex into small spaces that are to be discovered during a maze-like promenade. Once the wanderer has found a spot he likes, a very simple system allows him to unfold a panel and transform it into his tent for the night.

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